Is Eye Twitching A Sign Of Uveitis?

Eyes are one of the most significant and sensitive parts of the human body that needs regular care and monitoring. There are a number of eye diseases that can go mild or severe but the thing is, you’ve to be conscious about them! Otherwise once a mild disease can lead you to a severe condition.

Today’s busy life has adverse effects on mental and physical health but the most common of them are eye disorders. A number of people complain that their eyes get restless, become reddish, feel pain in eyes, and the one that concerns them a lot is eye twitching. People often get afraid of this. In this article, you’ll get all the answers relating to your eye twitching.

What Is Eye Twitching?

An eyelid twitch, or myokymia, is a tedious, involuntary spasm of the eyelid muscles and commonly occurs in the upper lid of the eye. However, it can occur in both the lower and upper lids of the eye. Most of the time, these spasms are of mild nature and feel like a gentle pluck on the eyelid.

Nevertheless, some people may undergo a hard spasm, strong enough to force both eyelids to close entirely. Well, this condition is quite different and is known as blepharospasm.

You all may have experienced an uncomfortable and continual twitching of the eye. Sometimes it may happen that you’re just near to complete your work on a laptop or about to finish your assignment and suddenly your eye begins to twitch and makes you unable to continue your work. The twitches are harmless and painless but of course, they bother you.

What Causes An Eyelid To Twitch?

The twitch may occur without any recognizable cause. You shouldn’t be scared since they’re hardly a symptom of any serious disease.

However, the eyelid twitches can be caused or get worse by:

Lack of sleep

Eyelid strain



Nutrition problems

Medication side effects

Eye irritation

Dry eyes

Usage of alcohol


Bright light

Can Uveitis Cause An Eyelid To Twitch?

Eyelid twitching is common but can have adverse effects sometimes. However, the causes are not defined properly. Eye twitches can stay for a few seconds for a minute or two or you may experience off and on twitching for some weeks as well. There could be so many reasons for eye twitching and the rare ones that can lead you to adverse eye conditions.

Uveitis is one of the serious conditions that cause your eye to twitch. It is an eye inflammation that affects the middle layer of the tissue of eyewall called the uvea. Its symptoms appear suddenly and get worse quickly.

Uveitis Symptoms include pain, redness of the eye, blurred vision, or in some cases, the patient undergoes eye twitching. It can affect one or both the eyes and can attack people of almost all ages.

If you’re concerned about your eye condition or undergo such symptoms then you must visit an expert ophthalmologist at your first convenience. You can reach Dr. Sohaib Abbas Malik if you’re residing in Pakistan. Being an experienced ophthalmologist, he can help you to get better eyes and vision.

Uveitis is something serious that can be caused due to a list of reasons and lead to permanent vision loss. If you undergo infection, autoimmune or inflammatory disorder, or any type of eye injury that is causing eye ailments then you must consult an ophthalmologist.

Where To Go?

The most common question that often confuses people is “where to find the best doctor for their check-up”? People often end up visiting a doctor that their closed one suggests them and that becomes their big mistake sometimes. Uveitis and other eye disorders are not easy to diagnose as compared to other diseases.

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